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IALD lighting workshop


IALD India Light Workshops 2016 is a hands-on workshop event where professionals and students interact in a fun and educational environment.

IALD India Light Workshops event features a collective of light installations designed by students and professionals that will explain the lighting design process, while publically demonstrating how built environments can be enhanced through good lighting design. The planned light installations were organised within our school campus. Invited participants include students from our school and professionals. Using light as a critical tool, students have the opportunity to learn and implement good lighting concepts, while gaining firsthand experience by working alongside professionals. The professionals have the chance to think beyond real-life constraints as they explore the fun side of lighting by working alongside unrestricted and creative students. The presentation of the workshop results will have a significant impact on the market. This event is an opportunity for professionals from many related disciplines to view and discuss modern, trend-setting lighting concepts. 

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